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TITLE: "Tiger"
DATE: © 2001
SIZE: 32.5 inches tall
MEDIUM: high fire ceramic, acrylic paint
not for sale, collection of the artist

The second project during the winter quarter ceramics class had to be BIG--at least 36 inches tall. And of course I waited til the end to get started... So in four days I made a 36 inch tall tiger (one of these days I'll try to take photos of things during the process, rather than just when they're done).

Here it is in its "raw" state. It is dry, but not fired. The white and black are made from "slip" (thin clay that can be brushed on.) The orange-brown areas are just raw clay. This was taken in the studio.

This is the tiger after being fired...it's still sitting on the kiln bed. The firing didn't go too well. For one thing it cracked, but that was my fault because of the way I made it. But the materials that I used to make the stripes and white markings didn't adhere to the clay...and more than half of it chipped off during firing (which you can't really see in this photo--it doesn't look all that bad here, but it was soon apparent that only half of the white areas weren't actually stuck on there). So I loaded it into the truck (by the way...not that I can lift it too well, but my brother estimates this tiger weighs as much as 150 pounds), drove it home, and set out to totally rework it. I spent one day with a wire brush and sanded off all the loose stuff. And then I spent four days sitting in the back of the pickup with a couple tubes of acrylic paint and painted the whole thing...and I really like it!

This is where it sat for a few days while I painted it. And as you can see, the dogs thought they were being very helpful.

This is the tiger's final home--in the rose garden out front of the house.

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