Katherine Plumer Fine Art

Colored Pencil Horse Mule Drawing

TITLE: "Day One"
DATE: © 1998
SIZE: 20 by 15 inches
MEDIUM: colored pencil on mat board
PRICE: sold, collection of C.Crowley, California, USA
Award of Merit at 2000 California State Fair

Over the years I have met several people who know this guy, but I haven't yet met him. I'm pleased that he is recognizeable. In fact, at a show in the fall of 2006 a visitor to my booth knew not only the man but the every critter in the drawing! This was an ambitous drawing, with all the tack and riggings in there. People who work with pack teams seem to love to inspect the knots and whatnot, and I have been told that I "got all the knots right." Yay!


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