Katherine Plumer Fine Art

TITLE: "Hot Shot" (Welsh Pony)
DATE: © 2003
SIZE: 17 by 13 inches
MEDIUM: colored pencil on white Stonehenge paper
PRICE: sold, collection of E.Hayes, California, USA (commission)

What a fun one this was! We originally were planning on having me do a head portrait with Hot Shot in his bridle. So I shot a roll of head photos, and none turned out all that flattering. Hot Shot is one of those ponies that just doesn't have the world's most beautiful profile. So I went back and retook them from a different angle, focusing more on a 3/4 head shot, and at the end I had a few shots left on the roll so we turned him loose in the arena, and I got the photo on which I based this drawing. Out of all that I took, it was the one that just completely captured his (bratty!) attitude. While this may look like a black and white drawing, there are actually over 30 colors that I used, and surprisingly most of them are in the "white" socks! It is such a pale and subtle drawing that no scan can do it justice! This is one of those drawings that practically drew itself.


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