Katherine Plumer Fine Art

Teton Landscape Drawing Katherine Plumer

TITLE: "Teton Winter Morning"
DATE: © 2008
SIZE: 7.5 by 20 inches
MEDIUM: colored pencil and graphite on cream Stonehenge paper
PRICE: not for sale at this time

It's a place I've been, Teton County, Idaho. I spent ten days there visiting a friend in the summer of 2008, and many times I stood leaning on the corral gate looking out across those fields at the Teton mountains. I rode Sara the mule in that field. It's stunningly beautiful. It was green when I was there, I've only seen wintertime in pictures.

There are a couple reasons I drew this. One is that I tend to avoid landscapes and I needed to prove to myself that I can do it, and the other is that this scene intrigued me. Yes it was a struggle. And it was sort of a way to pay homage to a place forever etched fondly in my memory. It's not exact, but maybe it's as it ought to be. That's one of the fun things about art, you can improve on real life. Need a bigger pasture? I can draw you one. ;-)

thank you Bryan K. for the winter photos, since mine were all summertime. :-)


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