Katherine Plumer Fine Art

Yellow Labrador Dog Drawing

TITLE: "Nadalee"
DATE: © 2006
SIZE: 7 by 5 inches
MEDIUM: colored pencil and graphite on gray Stonehenge paper
PRICE: sold, collection of J.Corea, California, USA (commission)

I was approached about doing a portrait of Nadalee by a fellow poultry exhibitor, as a gift for his son. Nadalee had passed away years ago, but was a beloved part of the family's past. There is something very different about doing a memorial portrait, versus one of a pet that is still alive. It feels like a much more delicate process, creating a remembrance. I was given one reference photo of Nadalee, and although it was a bit washed out it seems like when I do this I start to "see what isn't there." There often is not enough detail in reference photos people give me, but it's like if I look at it long enough I know what's missing. Of course it helps that my dog Nellie looked extremely similar to Nadalee, and I did use some photos of Nellie to help my brain fill in a few gaps!

From a letter to me from J.C: "Dear Katherine, received the portrait yesterday... After opening and seeing it ... she came back to life for me..."

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